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Shkreli Coffee

Organic Peru

Organic Peru

  • Peru
  • Medium Roast
  • Sweet & Floral
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Altitude: 3600

Acidity: Mild 

Characteristics: A mildly acidic organic coffee. Thin bodied but very flavorful.

Our Organic Peruvian single origin coffee is a thin bodied coffee with vibrant floral aromas, and a rich sweetness. These premium arabica beans are carefully picked from coffee farms in Peru that are best suited for coffee cherries and are certified pesticide and herbicide free – making this an impeccable and 100% organic cup of perfection. Our Organic Peru delivers a simplistic yet fresh and flavorful taste.


Shkreli Coffee is committed to providing you the finest coffees since 1989 that are both ethically and sustainably sourced. Each of our coffees are carefully hand-picked by farmers in The Bean Belt, under the best temperatures and altitudes, have minimal defects with exceptional taste profiles – ensuring our unwavering commitment to excellence through every step of the process.