Sometimes we don't have time for manual brewing methods, and for that reason, we're thankful for the automatic drip machine. Whatever machine you're using, if the grind size, dose, and volume of water are correct, you'll be drinking a great cup in no time.

Be sure the machine is clean, and does not have old coffee oils built up in any of its parts. This can make an otherwise perfectly brewed coffee taste terrible. Our preferred ratio is 15:1 water to coffee, but you can always adjust depending on your taste. For this guide, let's brew one cup. If you're starting with whole beans, grind to about the coarseness of sea salt. See the gallery below for further clarification.

  1. Add water to coffee machine.
  2. Place a filter in the basket and add your ground coffee.
  3. Brew your coffee. If your machine has a warming plate, try not to leave brewed coffee sitting over the heat for too long. This can create unwanted flavors.

You'll Need:

  • 23 grams coffee
  • 350 ml (~12 oz.) water
  • Coffee machine
  • Filters
  • Digital scale