brewed cold, stored cold, delivered cold: New York Metro Regional Cold Brew Keg Program.

If you’re in the New York Metro area (Long Island, Westchester, NYC, and parts of CT and NJ) and looking to serve cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, or cold brew tea on tap, you have come to the right place. Our cold brew coffee starts with high quality, 100% arabica coffee beans that are sourced and roasted specifically for a rich, chocolatey cold brew flavor. The coffee is cold-steeped in multi-stage filtered water for many hours using our specialized system. Everything is kept cold from start to finish. 

The end result is a super smooth, drink-it-black cup of cold brew that is carefully kegged and delivered cold to your location. All kegs must be refrigerated. Whether you have regular cold brew, nitro, or both, you will also need nitrogen in a cannister to pressurize the system. One nitrogen fill will last for several kegs and we deliver this as part of your order when you need it. 

Why only the New York area?

The kegs must be kept cold at all times and we handle all distribution directly.

Cold brew and nitro coffee. What's the difference?

Cold brew is served still (no bubbles) and is great served over ice. Nitro coffee is kegged under a greater pressure of nitrogen, which is forced into the liquid. It is served from a stout faucet (over ice or straight up) where the nitrogen is drawn out of the liquid creating a cascading cup with a creamy mouthfeel.  

on tap or kegerator

Our products are delivered in 5 gallon kegs and can easily be integrated into your existing tap system.

If you do not have a tap system and appropriate refrigeration, we have an affordable kegerator program to help you get started.  These units are fully-contained and on wheels. All you need to do is plug and pour. The exact specifications of the unit are available here.